The Forks of the Delaware Historical Arms Society, Inc., (FDHAS) holds five 2 day gun shows each year. This organization started running popular gun shows in 1960.  Our two day shows have been held in the Allentown Fairgrounds since 1973.  Due to the show's success and longevity, it has become known to the old timers as The Allentown Show. The modern enthusiast refers to it as The Allentown Gun Show. Whatever it is called, it remains one of the premier gun shows on the east coast.

The Allentown Gun Show is located in the Agri-plex,  Allentown Fairgrounds.  Each show has several members putting on historical displays pertaining to their areas of interest. The firearms interests may range from early Flintlock Muskets, Civil War Items, WWII Machine Guns to the current varieties of "Black Rifles". The displays are not limited to US items. Several of our members have built great displays dealing with German and Japanese Militaria, Penny Arcade Shooting Games, Vietnam Era Insignia, Gun Sights, Bayonets and dozens of other areas. The displays are designed to educate and entertain the viewer.  At the end of each show awards are given out based upon a judging criteria from impartial judges. The club has always been very proud of the displays that make up our show. Many long hours, hard work, and much expense goes into each one.  The FDHAS thanks all its members who display with us.

Upon entry to our show you will be walking into the new building.

The Allentown Gun Show also has many of our members displaying their items for sale or trade. The shows consist of two rooms connected by a large opening making travel between the two easy and quick.  The club has taken much pride that during our 45 year history, many hard to find items of high quality have been found at "The Allentown Gun Show".

Approximately 5 years ago the club's Business Manager Howard Hoffman along with top management of the Allentown Fairgrounds arranged to have an extension built onto the existing Agricultural Hall. The facility gained a new name and additional space for our already crowded members. With the new addition the club was able to eliminate the old "3 table limit" per exhibitor.  Since then the show has grown from approximately 560 tables to our current status of 840 tables.* You can expect to see almost anything at our show.  From muskets to legal machine guns, military accoutrements, items of foreign historical interest, commercial firearms, gun cleaning equipment, optics, ...the list is endless.

Some of our members have their table assignments in the new building. The facility is very well lit with a restroom and food stand nearby.

The larger room, which was originally known as Ag Hall still has the bulk of our members showing high quality firearms for sale or trade.

Present at our show is also an National Rifle Association membership service. You can join for the first time, or renew your current membership, each at a discounted rate.


Anybody coming into this show can get the applications to join this club.  This set is on the right wall, just as you want in.  Below those applications you can also get the listing of the entire 2016 gun show dates, times, and all the information about those shows. There are two tables and these items are on the main left side.  Below you can see the middle left and right table with other items.

When you come into this show, you can find many County Applications for the Pennsylvania Permits To Carry Concealed.  As of now we have 16 different County Applications.   They are as follows:

Berks County, Bucks County, Carbon County, Chester County, Dauphin County, Delaware County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Lehigh County, Luzerne County, Monroe County, Montgomery County, Northampton County, Schuykill County,Wayne County, York County,

What you will not find at The Allentown Gun Show is based upon more than 55 years experience. Since the club's inception it was decided to maintain high quality standards which separate us from the rest of the crowd. We do not allow in items "strictly to fill tables". All tables holders are kept to the same standards that relate to firearms, military history and shooting. You will not find Beanie Babies, Barbie Dolls, Jewelry, Tee Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Beef Jerky or other "Flea Market" items at any of our shows. 

When you arrive, you will not be charged for parking.  Unlike many other shows, at The Allentown Gun Show, parking is always free.  If you haven't attended our show, we hope you will drop by. We think you will be pleased with your visit.

Our May and July shows are Air Conditioned.  Come spend your time in comfort.

Agri-plex, Allentown Fairgrounds
17th Street & Chew Street
Allentown, PA 18104

WARNING:  FDHAS will prosecute any individual caught in theft
at any of our events.  The individual will be arrested by the Allentown
Police and prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.

All Federal, State, and Local Firearms Laws must be obeyed.

No strollers or children in backpacks allowed at any of our events.

No roller skates, heelies, or roller blades can enter our show.

No cameras allowed. Only official club photographs may be taken.

* The number of available tables can vary in size based upon the number of displays and occasional special guests or events hosted by the club.



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